About Us

The Inner Strength Trust provides financial support to patients who are injured and require the rehabilitation facilities of Vincent Pallotti Life Centre, but who do not have the financial back up to afford it.

The trust was started in September 2013 by Ronell Adelhelm, who had and is still having an on going experience with injury, pain and rehabilitation.

Here is her story on how the trust came to life:

Ronell Hospital 2009

“Like most of you, I had a very ‘normal’ life until 4 years ago. I am married for 23 years to a wonderful man and have 2 lovely teenage daughters. I had a good career in the Clothing Industry for 18 years. I then took 5 years off to be at home with my kids and decided to go back to the Clothing Industry in February 2009.

23rd December 2009, my life changed drastically when I was in a terrible car accident. I broke my neck, the result a spinal cord injury. I was paralyzed and was in a wheelchair for a while and had to learn to walk again.

After spending a lot of time with Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists in the rehabilitation centre to try and teach my body to operate normally again, it was and still is, extreme hard work and very costly.

I live with pain 24/7 and I am on a high dosage of medication (20 tablets a day – that does not include Vitamins) to try and make this bearable. I have to visit Physios at least once a week to loosen my muscles that have to work overtime to compensate for the ones that are so incredibly weak. I see Biokineticists twice a week to teach me skills as to how to activate and utilize certain muscles, that has such little ability to work to its full potential. All these professional people (including visits to the doctor) and medication adds up and becomes a very costly procedure to try and live a ‘normal’ life.

This whole experience has taught me so much and grounded me in the sense that we have to appreciate our bodies a lot, especially when it operates under ‘normal’ circumstances.

Ronell Wheelchair

The patients who are injured and need rehabilitation facilities, but who do not have the financial back up to afford it, have really touched my heart and I would like to try and help these people in need.

I have started a Trust called, The Inner Strength Trust. This Trust will provide financial support for patients, who need the facilities of Life Vincent Pallotti (I was at UCT Private Academic Rehab, but this unit has been transferred to the Life Vincent Pallotti Rehabilitation centre).

I am the founder of the Trust, but will not benefit from the Trust. The patients who will benefit from the Trust will be approved by the Trustees, Dr. Baalbergen (Senior Medical Officer at Vincent Pallotti Rehab centre) and Physiotherapist, Jacqui Koep.”

Should you feel that you would want to be part of this cause and make a donation, please visit the Donate page or feel free to Contact Us.